Friday, June 5, 2009

Vacation Everyday

Dream Factory – LegoLand!
We just returned from a fabulous trip to LegoLand in Carlsbad, CA (half way between LA and San Diego). This trip was provided to us by The Dream Factory. I cannot tell you how wonderful that organization is – there just aren’t enough great words to describe it!!! Things like this really make me appreciate the volunteers and companies that donate their time and money to help kids who really have a rough life.

And I will easily admit that the vacation was just as good for me as it was for my children. I didn’t have to worry about money, chores, issues at work, cleaning, cooking, laundry, school, or being the “mean cop”. I could say “yes” to all kinds of treats I normally wouldn’t. I could play all day! Of course I didn’t jump off the responsible end completely. Schedules still needed to be attended to, and food somewhat watched (who wants constipated kids on vacation?) but the rules felt relaxed even if they were still mostly followed.

What was most different was my attitude. I was mentally and emotionally on vacation. And I’m wondering now why can’t I do a little of that every day? I can hear you wryly saying “somebody has to be in charge and responsible” and I couldn’t agree more, but I was in charge while on vacation and yet I enjoyed every minute.

There has to be ways to incorporate the buoyant feeling of a holiday retreat into daily living! This will be the focus of my blogs over the summer.
Summer is a time of longer days and fresh produce. For me it’s a time to procrastinate – which is VERY unlike me – in lieu of running around like a deranged lunatic before the sun sets. I like to take long walks with the kids in the evenings. Summer is a great time to refresh ourselves from the inside out. To do that you may need a break from your family and sending the tykes to camp might be a perfect jumpstart solution.

Speaking of camps…as if you needed any more motivation….here is a little something just for you that I found in southern California. Since you are the best of the best women walking the planet you deserve a camp you can call your own!! Camp Get Away is a resort for ladies only! You can participate in the scheduled activities or not; your call as the mood strikes. You can go alone or take some friends. You know those pictures of the kids you keep taking and saying, “One of these days I’ll put them in a book”, you can here. Hiking, yoga, facials and massages, karaoke, or curling up in front of the fireplace with a book. You make it YOUR retreat.

Whether you decide to book your Camp Get Away vacation now, or are inspired to make your own get-away vacation to another destination, that’s what Martyrdom Sucks is all about! Realizing who you are, accepting the whole you, and promoting you as the greatest woman you can be! In order to do that you need rest and relaxation, you need fun and laughter, along with the responsibilities of the title Mom.
If you know of any other “camps” or vacations for ladies only around our great nation, let me know! I’d love to pass the word on.

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