Friday, February 19, 2010

port-cath update

When Sami's nurse, Ellen, came over do to her port flush, Sami started screaming! Her skin on top of her clavical swelled and bruised immediately. We took her to the ER after talking with a surgeon. Found out that her port tube was torn. It's not unusual for ports to only last 2 years in kids because they are so active.

Well, last Friday the 12th, we had surgery to replace it. Quite the ordeal! This is her 3rd port. We didn't know if we should go to Omaha for the surgery or just trust the drs in Kansas City who don't work on OI kids much. We opted to stay in KC and crossed our fingers. It was same day surgery so we were home by 2pm.

Luckily, Ellen came out and gave Sami her Pam. at 4pm while she was still groggy.

The difference in this surgery was that Sami was well aware of what was going on. At age 6 we can't trick her anymore. She understands pain and fears it. Her anxiety of having surgery was hard to deal with as a mom...sometimes you have to hurt them to protect them.

Of course, Sami is a trooper, demanded ice cream and princess movies with her grandpa, and shopping for shoes with her grandma (silver sparkles with hot pink butterflies from Target). That girl can work it! And more power to her!

Now, if I can just get my sinuses to clear up....

Learning New Skills

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Well, phuey to that! I just learned how to sew. It’s a rare day that I can sit for a few hours to devote my attention and learn something new, but Sunday was the day and I made curtains! In no way were the seams straight, but they are hanging in my bathroom all the same and I’m bursting with pride.

Sewing is a skill I’ve wanted to learn since high school but never found the time. My life has been the college- marriage- and- kids whirlwind like many others I know. But with Sami needing alterations on almost all her clothing, especially in winter, it’s essential I learn this skill. She won’t want to wear children’s clothes forever (and even those are too long on her dwarf arms and legs).

So, what else can I learn? I feel on top of the world right now and am looking to perfect my sewing abilities, as well as find other things to learn….skills that are forgotten in our fast paced, disposable society. I just couldn’t believe how centered I felt while running the material through the machine! I am reading books about the Victorian age right now and the skills they had in embroidery, sewing, languages, music, etc… amaze me. I understand they weren’t going to work all day in an office or raising their own children, which just shows how skillful we are today in different areas.

Maybe you need to take the time to re-hone your skills, or break out of your mold and learn some new ones. What could a little freshness in your life hurt? Brag to me what you’ve learned lately!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Absolutely Beautiful

Have you ever turned your head and saw the most beautiful, breathtaking scene? One you could stare at for hours? No, no, not George Clooney.

It just happened to me on Monday (yes, a Monday). It was 5:40am and I was walking into the Community Center for the Power Yoga class, tired with my head down, thinking that if I was hit by a car, maybe just tapped a bit, I could sleep in the hospital bed. (Yes, I admit I have those thoughts.) But just then I looked up and stopped dead in my tracks.

The sky was pitch black, the air was thick and hushed. The snow was so fresh I could feel the blanket of it on the earth around me. I was in this cotton envelope that was clean and pure. Every tree was outlined in white, blinged out in nature’s sparkles. This was Mother Nature’s beauty and I was blessed to be in the middle of it.

I just stood there, transfixed in wonder, awed that little me was given this gift to experience. Eventually I did go into my class and during each resting stretch I said “thank you” over and over again. It was the best yoga session I’ve ever had! My body felt strong and flexible during and afterwards.

Today I’m thinking about how many more absolutely beautiful moments I can have in my life if I will just open myself up to seeing them. I could have kept my head down or saw the snow as a pain in the butt to shovel or drive in, but the majesty of it is all that possessed me. And I’ve have a truly wonderful week. Giddy even!

So I thought I’d share my good luck with you. Maybe you can pass along one of these moments from your life with your friends. Bragging is a great thing if you use it to inspire yourself and others. Shout it if you need to. I AM BLESSED! I HAD A SUPER MONDAY! TARGET HAS YOGA PANTS IN TALLS! Whatever your joy is, it’s a gift to be thankful for.

Send your great moments and good thoughts to me this week. Sami is having surgery on Friday to have her port-cath replaced. She’s very nervous about it, so I need to be extra calm and centered to help her anxiety. Thank you so much for your support!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Plop and Drag No More

How many of you are dragging through your day? It’s been a hell of a week for me and I’m exhausted, yet there is no time or place to just hole up and rest. Love my husband and kids, but I retreat to the library for my relax/think time each week. Books don’t talk back or ask questions, everyone is quiet by default, and my decisions aren’t required or even wanted….so it’s a feeling of being invisible.

But reality always returns or some weeks I’m running too many errands to linger in the library. When stressed, your body shuts down stuff it doesn’t think necessary to run. It also stores fat to be sure you have plenty of fuel. This is why you are eating less but still gaining weight and your middle (tummy, hips, thighs, and butt) is expanding. How rotten is that?

When I’m tired I crave fast food….McDonalds Fish sandwich with extra tartar sauce or Wendy’s Baja wrap. Fast food is my crutch because I don’t have to fix it and my tongue wants the carbs. Apples just don’t satisfy. As I eat I get this calming feeling wash over me (darn those additive chemicals). But soon my stomach revolts, and my brain crashes, making me more tired than before….and I’ve added 20 more cellulite dimples….all for the fact that what I really need is some peace and rest to rejuvenate.

We all know getting more sleep is not a viable option or we’d be doing it already. Here’s some simple tips of what you can do to help with the daily energy drain :
1. Get a complete set of lab tests done. You could be low on iron or estrogen, or high on other stuff (don’t we wish sometimes). If your natural body chemicals are off you can’t be balanced anywhere else in your life. Sorry, no getting around this one or faking it until you make it.
2. Boost your vitamins and omega’s. You need more than the average joe because you are outputting more all day. You want to go as RAW as you can to get the most benefit. If your body isn’t absorbing the needed vitamins, then it’s a waste of time and money. There’s been plenty of studies of sewer systems that are loaded with multivitamins that have just passed right through our bodies.
3. Stop dieting! If you are eating diet foods you are adding more nasty additives and disgusting preservatives to your body….many are as bad as junk food. Natural foods with fat and flavor (real, pure butter for instance or Breyers Ice Cream) fill you up so you can eat less and feel fuller longer. This helps with giving you a constant energy source. Diets give me migraines!
4. Chocolate is my secret weapon. You want the darkest chocolate to get the flavonoids (disease fighters) to pull you through. Like a glass of wine, a small bit works wonders. Here, more is not better. One or two squares a day can do the trick of boosting you a little in the afternoon.
5. If salt is what you need, combine it with some protein, like peanut butter/cheese/tuna on crackers, or popcorn and nuts, or pita chips with hummus. Drink loads of water to balance out the retention the salt will naturally do.
6. Stretch your whole body. Really reach your arms, legs, neck, point and flex your hands and feet, to all sides. You don’t have to do a whole yoga routine at the office, but keep the circulation going so the blood can reach your brain and work to your advantage. I wish I could bring my inverse table to work!!!
7. Try spraying Zum Mist or Arbonne’s Rejuvenating Mist. Just breathing in their spicy and citrus scents wakes you right up.
8. Because I don’t wear foundation, I can splash a little cold water on my face for a quick shock.

Here’s to you and your energy this week! I know I’ve been struggling to find little boosts throughout the days. I’m very much looking forward to sleeping tonight (fingers crossed!!) If you have any healthy energy secrets, be sure to pass them along.