Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Years - UGH!

Are you dreading tomorrow? Do you want to just slap the next person who asks you what your resolutions are? Is it even worth getting a babysitter to go out?

Hey, I hear you! New Years can be filled with just as much pressure as Christmas and Thanksgiving. People are expecting you to be grand and giddy and you just want to acci-purposely take an extra sleeping pill.

Let me tell you a secret. I do my resolutions when the new school year starts, so Friday is only going to be a checkup. Here’s my resolution list and my double check:

A: take what I have and enhance it = this means that I’m grateful for what I’ve been given and will run with those gifts.
For example, I can put on muscle like crazy, but don’t have the lungs for running. So, I’m going to focus on getting a really cut body. I won’t give up on cardio but I’m not going to judge myself against my best friend because she’s a marathoner.

B: passion, passion, passion every day!
This is passion as a life force. Pure enjoyment of my environment. You can’t possibly give joy to others if you are not overflowing in it yourself. I’m going to paint in my house, wear more jewelry, try cooking and eating new foods, find a way to link my teaching skills into a service, and do a core training class just to be sure my life is juicy every day.

C: Slow down and throw out = Double check
1. Is this (whatever activity or person) bringing or fulfilling passion for me?
2. Is this (blank) helping me reach my personal goals? It could be a great deal or opportunity, but is it sidetracking or pushing me forward?
3. Is it scary? If so, I’m probably on the right track.

Let’s be honest, if you are really passionate about something, you’ll do it. Nothing can stop you. But if your heart and soul aren’t in it then it means you are trying to live up to someone else’s goals for you. I don’t care what it is, weight, smoking, spending, cleaning, if you tackle it like a kid, focused and determined while having fun, you can do it. If you feel you “have to” and its drudgery then you’ll hate every minute and quit by February.

When you love who you are, your love will overflow to everyone else. The one drop can become a tidal wave. That’s the real goal of 2010! And yes, the babysitter is SO worth it.

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