Friday, April 23, 2010

Neck and Back Pain

How many of you are in the same boat I am right now……disgusted with yourself for not taking care of yourself to the point that now you’re in deep trouble?

Basically, I’ve let stress and overused muscles go ignored (pushed aside really) and now I can’t turn my head, sleep, or lift anything without my neck/upper back/shoulder/and arm screaming in pain. But, what are the honest alternatives?
1. Rest (hahaha),
2. Non-use (right, having a non-ambulatory child really doesn’t mix with that one),
3. Massages (at $100 a pop, who has that extra money for splurges),
4. Alternative medicine (which I would love to try, but insurance won’t pay for), or
5. Loads of pain meds that will basically deteriorate your internal organs over time.

I have found, though, a doctor who says posture is really the number one problem and I have to admit mine is horrible….has been since I was a kid. I wanted to fit in so bad that I hunched over to 1. Not be taller than the other cute, petite girls, and 2. To hide the fact I had no boobs. Now that I’m an adult and I fixed those self image problems, the bad habit of slouching is hard to break, especially when I’m dead tired from taking care of the kids. I carry my stress in my upper back and I’m sure there’s a huge blockage of chi going on there as well. I wish I could say that yoga was helping, but it hurts too much to do it.

So this week, besides applying heat pads, I’m consciously reminding myself to line up my head, shoulders, and hips. Guess what, it actually helps!! At least at work where I’m sitting….being home with Samantha is a different story. Healing my muscles will be a long and slow process, I understand that, but I’m hoping to be feeling better by Sami’s surgery in May – and I hope to not slide back down the healing ladder with the stress and overuse that surgery and recovery bring.

This is a prime example of the fact that I didn’t take care of myself first, so now I’m suffering big time. I’m just disgusted with myself for breaking my own rule. But, as usual, I’ve learned the hard way and have had to let many things go so my stress level can come down.

Here is the Neck/Back Pain article I read in case you are wondering….

To your great health,


  1. Oh I am so with you on this one! I'm currently going to PT 2 times a week for my degenerative disk disease and arthritic spine that I have completely neglected for the past 8 years! I found that a roll pillow (cylinder shape) placed at the small of my back while sitting improved my posture drastically! It's so awesome, you have to give it a try! Using this every time I sit including while in the car is really easy to incorporate into my day. My PT wants me to lay down on my stomach, pelvis on 2 bed pillows for 5-10 minutes 8 times a day. This works and feels great for my back, but I can never seem to fit it into my schedule with Sonya currently in a bi-valved spica and totally being a dare devil anyways, not to mention rodding #2 is in just 5 more days. Got to take care of yourself though to be functional for your kids! :)

  2. Hi Heather!

    Oh my goodness that's such a bummer that your husband ruptured his achilles! Ouch! Hope both surgeries go very smooth! We will be going to Dupont in DE with Dr. Kruse for Sonya's rodding. Come fall we will be having her arms done as well. Best wishes!