Friday, August 14, 2009

Recieve graciously

Receive graciously
Do you feel that asking for help means you are weak? That you are a failure as a parent because you can’t take care of your kids by yourself? That’s what I used to think. I’ve been independent natured since I was a child and didn’t understand those people who stayed close to home to be near their families as adults. Now I see that I’ve missed out on a lot of support over the years.

No matter if you like Hillary Clinton or not, she was right that it does take a village to raise a child. You need a group of different personalities, different talents, all shapes, sizes, and ages, to support each other. Sharing responsibilities and gifts helps all of the people rise up to their very best.

So what do you do if your family isn’t close by? Gather up some girlfriends, reach out to the school, get in touch with the charities.

Speaking of charities…..Since you were blessed with children that have a few special needs (irony is dripping), be sure to sign up for the wonderful things charities offer. Turn your situation into a positive experience. Make A Wish, The Dream Factory, The Shriners, Easter Seals, and many others can help you out with all kinds of things for your children. Dream vacations, hot tubs for therapy, elevators, new van with chair lift, whatever you need for your child, there is probably a charity that can help you get it. You aren’t alone and it’s okay to ask for help! The people who work for the charities want to give back to those who need a few more blessings – and that’s you! It’s a win-win for both sides. By accepting their wonderful charity gifts of time and money, you are giving to their need of filling their own self worth, and the world keeps spinning. The best thing is if you are then able to pay your blessings forward to another mom who needs help.

The places to check for charities:
-children’s hospitals
-social workers
-county health departments
-city/state/federal governments
-Easter Seals
-Give Kids the World
-a business that has a product you need (many will donate)
-Chamber of Commerce
-organizations/foundations for your child’s diagnosis
-librarians are amazing at finding resources
-SPED department at your school district
-SPED department of the teaching colleges

Point is, there’s no reason to be stubborn and do everything by yourself….how is that making a positive impact on you or your child? Take what the world has to offer because you are contributing to the world. Give to the next person, even if it’s just a truly warm smile – it will come back to you – and you can pay it forward again. Just by surviving each day with a positive attitude, you are giving others hope and purpose in their lives, so let them give to you. Receive graciously. Smile and say “Thank You”. Be simple. No gushing. Put meaning into those two words. Let them give, let yourself receive.


  1. I'm the same way, Heather, but I am learning how to get out of that independentness and just humble myself and ask for help.

  2. I wasn't raised to ask for help so it's all new to me and uncomfortable. But, I need to be more open to receive so I can fill myself up more and give to others.