Friday, December 18, 2009

A Different Disney

Last night we went to see Disney’s new movie, “Princess and the Frog”. This film is about a servant’s daughter, Tiana, in New Orleans. Her daddy had a dream of opening a restaurant, and when he passed away, the dream became hers. She always worked 2 jobs to save money to buy the sugar mill and restore it to fulfill her dream, even when her friends were begging her to go out. Of course, there is a prince. But here he is plum broke and quite lazy; though full of suave charm and love of life.

What I loved about this movie:
1. The heroine is black. Besides Pocahontas and Mulan, this is a huge diversion off the Disney princess usual carriage route. Tiana is kind, fair, hard working and quite sassy.
2. It’s set in New Orleans, so you get to learn about a bit of American culture = the people, habits, architecture, food, customs, and languages.
3. The underlying theme is that people and family are more important than money. Tiana learns that all work and no play are just as bad as the prince who learns that all play gets you nothing. Dreaming combined with dedication is needed to aspire….but if you have no friends or family to share your success with, life is very hollow.

Of course, my kids’ favorite was the line was from Ray, the firefly, “Don’t you make me light up my butt!” Can’t beat basic humor with them.

No matter the age, elementary to high school, I think this is a good movie for you to open up discussions with your children about money, customs, our country’s sordid history, human rights, working hard for a goal, and choosing friends.

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  1. I can't wait for my girls to see this movie! It sounds like a wonderful way for them to understand one of life's big lessons!