Thursday, January 28, 2010

Your Wish List

Have you ever been disappointed because someone didn’t, in your opinion, listen and think about you enough to come up with a nicer gift? Whether it’s flowers or diamonds, yard work or massages, you don’t think you are so hard to give to if others would just put in the effort to think.

Which, I have to say is true, but not going to happen. The ultimate result you want is the gift, so why not help others out by making a list or chart. I’m thinking more on the lines of 5 things your spouse/friend/whatever-you-call-them can do for you each month. They get to choose one of the activities/gifts each week. It’s a win-win = you don’t know exactly what is coming but you know you’ll love it and they are sure to please you, which is what they are striving for in the first place.

Here are some examples:
FEB: 1. Volunteer for a charity
2. Go to a matinee
3. Breakfast in bed plus clean up
4. Draw a bath
5. Give CD or iTunes of favorite music

MAR: 1. Clean light fixtures and ceiling fans
2. Send a funny card
3. Tour “memory lane”
4. Bring you your favorite drink
5. Professional shampoo and style

APR: 1. Bring a friend to town
2. Do one of your chores
3. Play a board game
4. Buy/borrow a book
5. Massage

Feel free to repeat your favorite things on your list in different months. If you want flowers once a month, but sure to put it on there each time. Make sure the activities and gifts are within your budget and things that will really make a difference in your day and spirit. You don’t have to be typical. A friend of mine gets all hot when her hubby cleans the garage – no kidding! So make each choice count. You can give them more choices if you want each month if you are really creative but know that only one will be done each week (or whatever you as a couple decide the frequency will be).

You should make a separate list for birthday, Mother’s Day, whatever holiday you celebrate in December, that can also be shared with anyone else who might buy you something (Mom, In-Law, Sibling). Who knows, they may pick up something off season for a good discount, so put those Jimmy Choo shoes and trip to Paris on there without blinking an eye.

It’s not your job to worry about how they will accomplish the wish list tasks. You are only to be grateful each and every time you receive, and then pass along the overflowing love.

I know you are thinking, “But, I’m still doing all the brain work and they get off easy.” Okay, so what? You’re getting very little now so I can’t see how them following your directions is going to make you worse off. The only factor is the actual action. That you can’t do and if they can’t seem to get themselves together enough to show you appreciation in the exact manner you want to receive it, then there are other issues you need to address in your relationship. Either way, you’re going to know more about yourself and your partner.

Enjoy making your list. Be excited when you give it to your partner because you really are giving them a very personal gift….insight into your happiness.


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  1. I love this idea! Hope my hubby likes it too! :) P.S. You have been nominated for the Kreativ Blogger Award! Check out my latest post! :)