Friday, February 19, 2010

Learning New Skills

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Well, phuey to that! I just learned how to sew. It’s a rare day that I can sit for a few hours to devote my attention and learn something new, but Sunday was the day and I made curtains! In no way were the seams straight, but they are hanging in my bathroom all the same and I’m bursting with pride.

Sewing is a skill I’ve wanted to learn since high school but never found the time. My life has been the college- marriage- and- kids whirlwind like many others I know. But with Sami needing alterations on almost all her clothing, especially in winter, it’s essential I learn this skill. She won’t want to wear children’s clothes forever (and even those are too long on her dwarf arms and legs).

So, what else can I learn? I feel on top of the world right now and am looking to perfect my sewing abilities, as well as find other things to learn….skills that are forgotten in our fast paced, disposable society. I just couldn’t believe how centered I felt while running the material through the machine! I am reading books about the Victorian age right now and the skills they had in embroidery, sewing, languages, music, etc… amaze me. I understand they weren’t going to work all day in an office or raising their own children, which just shows how skillful we are today in different areas.

Maybe you need to take the time to re-hone your skills, or break out of your mold and learn some new ones. What could a little freshness in your life hurt? Brag to me what you’ve learned lately!

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  1. Congratulations on the sewing skills! I remember sewing a bag when I had to take "Home Economics" in seventh grade, but I have to say I haven't had much interest in it since then. I'm glad you are enjoying it so much.