Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Food Challenge

Spring time makes everyone want to chuck things and decluttering is a great habit to be in….but here’s a little something you can add into your life. Try this week to eat (not drink) five straight-from-the-garden fruits/veggies each day and journal about it. Believe it or not, this is a tough one for many of us grain lovers. You don’t have to give up your sandwiches, pasta, cereal or crackers – just make sure you eat your five real, natural fruits or veggies as well. Plus, it’s only for one week, so I think you can mentally get yourself to reach this goal.

If you are already whimpering, and trying to find ways to get around this challenge, let me tell you that ketchup and spaghetti sauce don’t count unless you make them from scratch. Same goes for fruit smoothies. What we are doing here is going for RAW food = the least amount of touching to Mother Nature’s perfectly packaged gifts of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. The great thing is that you probably won’t have enough room in your belly for the grains or processed stuff after you get the good stuff in first.

Part 2: I also want you to journal this week as well. Write down what fruits and veggies you consumed and how your body feels. You don’t need to journal all the bad stuff. We are taking our life changes one step at a time so I don’t care about all the other junk right now. We are working on a pace to snowball into the life we want. Just write down the good things: number of fruits/veggies, if you worked out or parked farther away to walk, if you took a long bath or pampered yourself in anyway, things you are grateful for, if you threw out a bit of clutter….anything and everything you feel is a positive addition to your life.

Next week’s blog I will share my journal, and some of your entries, in order to inspire us to go further. This will be a solid piece of evidence that you can look back on when you need a pick me up. It says for seven days you proved you are a great person and contributed to the betterment of the world around you. Who knows, it might become one of your wonderful habits in the future.

In peace this week,

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